Women In Action For Development (WIA), Arusha, Tanzania

Women In Action (WIA) is an NGO initiated in 1993 by 16 Tanzanian women to address the causes and consequences of Sexually Transmitted Diseases/HIV/AIDS. Since its inception, it has helped more than 1,800 individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS. Its activities are many and varied and include: home-based care work and training, education programmes, Income Generating Activities, support for patients, orphans and widows, starting a nursery school for orphans and the administration of grants to those whose breadwinner has died from AIDS.

WIA cares for around 497 HIV/AIDS Sick people, 270 Orphans and Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) and 575 Widows and other Women doing Microfince through Village Community Banking (VICOBA), Empowerment activities including Human Rights, the rights of Children and Paralegal Activities.

Marie visited WIA in Arusha in August 2008, very briefly, while her driver was buying local maize flour. It was here that her vision for Msafiri In Action was born. In June 2010, Msafiri In Action sent their first donation from charity market proceeds – a 15kg box of stationary and baby clothes to WIA.

“I am very delighted to take this opportunity to write this letter on my own behalf and on behalf of WIA, to thank you for your extremely generous donation of the School Equipments and Baby Clothes which we were hugely grateful to receive. (Received the Parcel yesterday 22nd Sep. 2010). The support has been distributed to our Beneficiaries (Orphans and Foster Parents) towards supporting the needy under WIAs’ Programs. The clothes will be distributed to the needy on 23rd December when they (MVC) with their foster parents normally celebrate Christimas. It has been a great source of joy to the beneficiaries, and would also like to say how much we value your support and how much the support has made a huge difference to us.”

Eliza R. Mosha, Founder/Director (for WIA)

For more information: http://www.wiatanzania.org