Impoverished Children, Nairobi, Kenya

SA_8Impoverished Children is a grass roots non-profit humanitarian project devoted to helping the most vulnerable children of the world. The Impoverished Children Project’s main focus is improving the lives of children living in severe poverty. Founders of Impoverished Children, Catherine and Javier, currently support community based orphanages and schools based in the Kibera slums of Kenya. Their programs provide education and resources in the following areas: Water and sanitation, nutritional food, medical education and treatment, counseling, crisis support, education of children and teacher training.

They have established their own school, Shine Academy which opened its doors in 2010. The Shine Academy now provides the best education for more than 130 children with HIV/AIDS, orphan children and children in abusive or disadvantaged families in Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

We first met fellow Melbournians, Catherine and Javier, while our two organisations held charity fundraising stalls at the Melbourne Docklands Market in December 2009.  At the time, Catherine and Javier were raising funds to build the school…and we were just beginning our social business adventure.

Funds raised from the Msafiri In Action Charity Trivia Night in September 2010 were donated to support Impoverished Children’s projects.

“On behalf of the children, I would like to thank you very much for your support. We are about to start our 2nd class of 25 children next year and your contribution will make a significant difference for our project.”

Catherine and Javier, Impoverished Children

Below are some pictures from 2011 when Marie visited Shine Academy run by Impoverished Children.

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Top row: learning about letters and drawing; Second row, left: learning nursery rhymes; right: Catherine’s mum teaching the littlies how to clean their teeth; Third row, left: Marie with preunit; right: Marie and Catherine, founder of Impoverished Children; Bottom row: Thanks-giving prayers before lunch.