About us

Who are we?

Msafiri In Action is an incorporated association steered by a board of five members to support humanitarian and environmental organisations that make a difference on a shoestring.  The role of the board is to ensure that the organisation is managed in the best interests of the contributing public and that the funds raised are distributed in a legal and fair method.

All five board members contribute to the success of Msafiri In Action voluntarily and often incorporate volunteering positions overseas into their personal holidays (at own cost of course). To read more about these placements, have a look at Humanitarian efforts and Environmental efforts.


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 Marie, Founding Director         Marianne, Secretary               Darrel, Treasurer                  Andrew, IT Guru             Karen, Board Member


What do we do?

We fundraise to support small projects and communities in developing countries and locally, whether through sending helpful items, sending financial assistance or providing a hands-on contribution.

Our humanitarian efforts focus on supporting and empowering women and children.  More detailed information about our actions so far can be found at Humanitarian efforts.

Our environmental efforts encompass animal welfare and preservation of the environment including endangered animals.  More detailed info about our actions so far can be found at Environmental efforts.


How do we fundraise?


Every now and then we hold fundraising events with a specific project goal, but our main method for raising funds is through our farmers market, which is now an online shop within this website.  Nearly all of the products we sell in the online shop are sourced from women’s and community groups in developing countries like Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and India.  So when you buy something from our online shop, you are not only helping us to raise funds for the needy but you are also helping us to maintain a source of income for the women and communities that we buy from – we have seen first hand how these groups use their income to ensure the health and education of their children and often support their extended family and sometimes their community.



What is the meaning behind our organisation’s name – Msafiri In Action?

‘Msafiri’ is the swahili word for ‘traveller’ and reflects our love for travelling and learning about the different people, cultures and natural beauties of the world.  ‘In Action’ reflects our efforts and actions to assist needy humanitarian and environmental organisations. For more information about our previous ‘actions’, see our Humanitarian efforts, Environmental efforts and Hands on pages.