Australia Sri Lanka Medical Aid Team (AuSLMAT), Sri Lanka

amparagls_croppedIn June 2011, Marie and Marianne joined the AuSLMAT team on a medical aid trip to Ampara (north east) and Galle (south east).  AuSLMAT visits Sri Lanka at least twice a year. To date, they have made 19 visits to Sri Lanka and have delivered more than $5 million of donated medical equipment and supplies, including life-saving medication for children with rare disorders. Each visit includes delivery of donated medical equipment and other supplies, hospital lectures, ward rounds, clinics in remote, poverty-stricken areas and trips to orphanages.  Another of AuSLMAT’s aims is to teach new medical procedures and techniques to local doctors and nurses to improve their skills and knowledge and to upgrade operating theatres.

“We were pleasantly surprised at the manner in which the hospital was maintained and run on a day to day basis. AuSLMAT have visited many hospitals since the Asian Tsunami of Boxing Day 2004. The Ampara hospital sets a high standard in cleanliness. The care of the sick is it’s primary consideration. Patients are treated with respect and compassion….Dr. Jennifer conducted a teaching session with the consultants and senior medical staff. AuSLMAT gave the hospital medical equipment including BiPap machines and pulse oximeters. Medical books which included Therapeutic Guidelines were subsequently sent to the hospital.”

Dr Quintus de Zylva

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