Farmers market 2009-2013

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Initially, our main source of fundraising was attending farmers markets to sell handmade items collected from travels to Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, India and Sri Lanka.  100% of the profits from these sales went straight to our fundraising pot as the organisers generously allowed us to stay for a small donation, but pretty much without a fee.  Our treasurer, Darrel donated a very sturdy marquee to protect us from the windy mornings.


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P1050275We frequented the Docklands market, the Dandenong Trash and Treasure, the Mulgrave farmers market and within no time we were regulars at the Monash University carpark farmers market run by the Rotary Club of Monash. We made lots of friends and collected some loyal supporters who eagerly awaited the next batch of interesting goodies from wherever Marie’s (self-funded) travels took her.

Over this time, we raised over $3750 just from farmers market stall sales.

Unfortunately at the beginning of 2013 this market closed so we decided to spend our efforts towards building the online charity shop you can find here.